Sacha Baron Cohen hat mit seinem neuen Kinofilm „Brüno garantiert einen Volltreffer gelandet. Als schwuler Österreicher der in den USA sein Glück versucht erlebt er unzählige „Abenteuer“ und ist auch nicht um provokante Sprüche verlegen. In den Interviews die er zu dem Film „Brüno“ gab verwendete er auffallenderweise immer wieder die gleichen Zitate, was dem Humor bzw. der Geschmacklosigkeit jedoch keinen Abbruch tut. Nach Ali G und Borat kommt nun jedenfalls der dritte und letzte Charakter aus der Ali G Show in die Kinos. Die Brüno Zitate sind hier schon mal ein guter Vorgeschmack:

Die 11 besten Brüno Zitate

  1. „Stop staring at my kugelsack. My eyes are up here … I have a boyfriend who I’m totally faithful to. Except for blow jobs, obviously.“
  2. „I’ve just seen the movie Borat, and I found it a really offensive portrayal of a foreigner. The guy in it called Sacha Cohen is a total gay. The wife is a total beard. She gets even less sex than Katie Holmes.“
  3. „My philosophy is: Treat your clothes like you would a pet – love them for a week, then stick them in a plastic bag and throw them in the Danube river.“
  4. „I was the first Austrian to get bulimia … That was in 1983, four years before Diana got it.“
  5. „If I didn’t get my arschenhaller bleached twice a week, it would look like Louis Armstrong doing a trumpet solo … The last time I got my stinker bleached, I found the head of a Zac Efron [or Mad Max or David Beckham] action figure up there.“
  6. „Getting the fashion community involved is definitely the only way the fighting will stop. Did you know that not one suicide bomber has ever blown themselves up wearing Marc Jacobs?“
  7. „I’m totally hairless except for this treasure trail of hair. More men have walked down this than Fifth Avenue.“
  8. „Naomi Campbell is such an inspiration because, despite all the fame and success, she’s remained a total bitch.“
  9. „I want to say that I find Obama an inspiration. It gives me great hope that, after years of struggle, someone can at last get in to the White House despite being incredibly hot. On the other hand, it’s slightly disappointing that he needed that beard, Michelle, to help him.“
  10. „The Austrians styled WWII. Basically, Hitler was responsible for the most stylish uniforms of the last 3,000 years … You might not agree with Adolph’s politics. Let’s not get into that debate – he could be right, he could be wrong. I actually know the grandson of Hitler’s personal assistant, and apparently, behind the scenes, he could be a real tyrant. Worse than Elton, even.“
  11. „I have the people who do Salma Hayek. They do me, but apparently, sometimes, it’s really hard to get hold of them because they get exhausted preparing for her. Apparently she has enough hair to stuff a mattress.“(via)

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